How cobra Commander won the internet

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So I took the liberty of using my awesome Cobra Commander outfit to troll Chat Roulette.com I made two videos of my experience. and this


10 Funniest Christmas Films Ever

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These are the 10 Greatest Funny Christmas Movies Ever. They’ll put you in the Christmas spirit while making you laugh… hard to beat. Enjoy! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ #10 – Deck The Halls Starring: Matthew Broderick & Danny Devito From: 2006 All and all an entertaining movie, but the part the always brings the most laughs is when […]


O’ Little Terror of Bethlehem

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A little something me and my friends did last year. Merry Xmas.


10 Celebrity Spoilers

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So I’m an avid fan of tabloid stuff. I basically live on the website www.wwtdd.com (what would tyler durden do.com) as well as filmdrunk.com and x17online. But what kills me about celebs is when they are out and about denying claims of things, when they are obviously caught. Then you see on TV channels like […]


Making Money Without A “Real” Job

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Making ends meet is never an easy task. Even for those with College Degrees, Special Training, and Dedication, finding a way to pay the bills is sometimes next to impossible. But, what if we were to tell you that there are people making a decent living, and they’re doing it without jobs? No, we’re not […]


6 Scary Medicine Warning Labels

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It’s a fact of life that medicine is a part of our lives from the minute we’re born. We’re given antibiotics and vaccinations before we even leave the hospital. What the hell is that? Everytime we have a runny nose, stomach ache, or elevated temperature, our Moms are tossing nasty tasting stuff down our throats. […]

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