The BG riots.

10.27.08 | 2 Comments

Disclaimer: Schvetbandits.com is not a news source. eat a dick

So 4 of the 5 Bandits have lived in Bowling Green KY, It’s where everything started.  Home of the hilltoppers.

This is just beside the clock tower.  Bacon and I jocked air shifts not 500 ft from this.  Ladies and gentle bandits, the person on the ground is not a sniper…and as it turned out isn’t even armed.  Three points to make here.
1)  Why the fuck is the person on the bench behind them so fucking calm?

“Not mind me officer, I’m just hanging out between classes…nice boots.”

2)  That’s a loaded fucking assault rifle.  Made for a war zone.

not that kind of warzone…


3) McCain ’08

Oh’ and by the way, if at any point you’re held to the ground by a cop with a comb-over with an assault rifle, go ahead and shit your pants…no one will blame you

Since then, President Ransdell has been quoted as saying–

“Any threat or aggressive behavior will be taken seriously.  I must state that uncontrolled aggressive behavior in this world of catastrophic events has consequences which often go beyond the individuals involved.”

Immediately you might say that that is logical.  I’ll sum things up like this.  The campus lockdown that took place was reasonable.  An investigation–awesome.  Increased patrols to resolve the situation—rad.  But pinning a kid to the ground at gunpoint, after ONE report from a witness that did not give their name to authorities of shots fired.  By the way everyone of the five arrested has been released.  ALL OF THEM.  How could police let these hoodlums go?!?! because they didn’t do anything worthy of getting a gun pulled on them.  Even if there was a physical altercation between them, the cops have pepper spray, cuffs, asp, and taser on them, given the situation, even a handgun might have been acceptable.  BUT these kids aren’t terrorists, they’re kids, rather or not they are particularly smart is yet to be seen.  Being a WKU alumni…one that had an 8 inch mohawk and clothing that was held together with a safety pin for a large portion of his college career…one that was a magnet for assholes that wanted to do nothing but start shit with him…one that was loud, and stubborn…well that could have been me.  Honestly, what if you didn’t have your cell phone on and didn’t get the text of the lockdown.  then YOU could have been happened upon by capt. comb over.  I saw this pic today and immediatly thought things were worse than what they sounded like from the AP releases.  Nope.  actually sillier.  nausiating.

I need to edit my resume from “Western KY university class of ’05” to “I got through WKU when the jokes were about our mascot”



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