09.19.08 | 2 Comments

This is the Big bang deviced…I call it the tube of awesome!

It is intended to create tons of little black holes by slamming sub atomic particle into one another at light speed (faster that warp speed 3). 

People are pissed…what does this do? what does this mean? Does everyone hate jizzepi? OMG!

If you didn’t know, your buddy chops is a sub atomic particle light speed-ologist.  I’ve been doing some research…and here’s the list of possiblilties of results:
1) it will rip a whole in the fabric in reality spilling out terminators and dinosaurs.
2) somehow taco-johns will taste better
3) chuck norris will no longer be able to kick
4) Jizzepi will come back only to high 5 brad pitt…”dude, I’d stay’d alive for your sins if it ment I got to fuck tomb raider”
5) Brett Farve will actually retire next season
6) Lebron James will leave basketball to live his dream and play the sport he is most passionate about…beach volleyball
7) bald guys penis’ will grow 4 inches
8) a natural calamity will take place in which any time someone uses an analogy that doesn’t make since…IT WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!! —“man we got you bro…susan we’re gonna blow her up–” BANG!!!!!
9) oil reserves from around the world will dry up…you won’t mind as they will be filled with booze, and the war in the middle east turns into a bonfire sing-along of comedic proportions.

this isn’t funny anymore i quit


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