Bands that I listen to, that no one knows of

11.20.08 | 3 Comments

So as a musician I listen to alot of different music. However, I’m very strict with what I listen to. I only will listen to a band that has 4 factors.

1) Harmonies: This is a huge factor that you have good harmonies, and lots of them,  otherwise the song is stale.

2) Very good drummer: The drummer is the backbone of the band, if you don’t throw in some really technical stuff, you’re wasting my time.

3) Break Down Sections: Alot of people complain, well there’s screaming or that’s heavy. Listen, this gives raw emotion and a punch to the face.

4) Every other part of the band is MUCHO Talented: This goes along with the drummer, but the guitarist has to be technical and not play a 3 chord structure over and over, the Bassist has to deliver those bass hits that give a groove, and the Singer/Screamer has to have a unique sound and write lyrically things that you’re like wow, this guy is extremely badass.

So on to my list.


Not only did I name my dog after these guys, but they have some of the prettiest harmonies you’ll ever hear.

Their level of is above most of the crap you hear out there. These guys shit talent every morning. Not only do they put on an amazing electric show, but they also do half their set acoustic.


This band is another act that will blow your face off. Craig Owens is a really talented vocalist, their guitar parts are magically badass with a technical side of sweeping, taps, and harmonics, plus they’ve got an awesome keyboardist.

Every Time I Die

the Brothers Buckley are just off the chain. The best part about ETID is they are so fun to watch and are really cool/fun guys. They’re the kind of guys you want to hang out with because they can party and they don’t mind looking like a bunch of idiots in their music videos. They’ve got a guitarist named AWESOME ANDY.


They are Hardcore with southern flare, but the lyrical content they write is extremely well put together.

Senses Fail

Not one bad album. Every one of their albums has good songs, very power driven, very catchy.

This video really doesnt do them the justice, but you should check out any of their songs.


My absolute favorite band of all time. Its kind of a sick obsession I have for these guys. Nate Barcalow has this vocal tone that will give you goosebumps and make the hairs stand up on your neck. Of all the years I’ve played music and listened to music, the first time I put in the album “Say Hello¬† to Sunshine”, I literally was floored when the first track started. Sure they don’t do blazing solos, but Randy “R2K” has just the perfect backup harmony for Nate, whose lyrics are dark and poetic. Not to mention the funky stuff they do with their songs, they throw in flare and just riffs that you’re like where in the hell did that come from.

Escape the Fate

Currently these guys have this new singer from Bless the Fall, considering their last singer was involved in a shooting or something. Both albums are really good. They are one of those up and coming groups that have a lot of potential. Either way, when I first saw them I thought Slash from Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver was playing drums lol. Anywho, I have to say that they are very catchy and worth a checking out.

Billy Talent

I had never heard of these guys until Warped Tour 03 when I stumbled across them randomly taking a break from rocking out to Letter Kills. Now, some people can’t stand his voice, but it’s so damn catchy, it’s different, and this Canadian awesome group has sort of a west coast pop/hardcore/hell I don’t know how to describe it. I have loved every song of this band as well, I think it’s because the guy actually talks in real life how he sings, which is so strange, but you can’t help to like these guys.

Family Force 5

Another band I totally stumbled upon Warped Tour 2008 after getting slaughtered at the next band’s show that I will highlight. These guys bring funk/electronic/breakdowns/rap/and a party. They had the best show at the Warped Tour 08′ hands down. People can argue all they want, but these guys totally killed it. They had dancers/keytars/ fricken giant boombox/ and hulk hands. Another band that might take some getting use to, but totally badass.

Story of the Year

I will say this once and only one time. If you want to see one of the most amazing shows of a lifetime of pure amazing holy effin shit, go see Story of the Year. There are guitars flying across the stage, backflips, spin kicks, and one of the most deadly pits you can ever step foot in, especially if you see them in their hometown of St. Louis. They’ve got amazing harmonies, catchy lyrics, blazing guitars, a bass player who is batshit crazy, and such a insane fan base. I tell you, Buy the album Page Avenue. Every single song has a hook to it, that keeps you listening to its super amazingness. Not one song is bad, total domination.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Harmonies out the ass, these guys know how to make anything sound pretty and haunting. They put on a steller live set, and are all extremely talented.


Up there with one of my favorite bands of all time. These guys will go above and beyond. Their frontman Dustin Kensrue has this vocal tone that is just pretty and can go whatever direction he wants to take it. I can’t say much more than I love these guys.

Well that’s my list for today, I have a tone more, but these guys are some of my front runners who really don’t get the credit they deserve.


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