Big Hyped Movie, Pointless Money Waster

05.30.08 | Comment?

sex in the city

Yeah that’s right, Sarah Jessica Parker is a horse. You can check it out more of her awesome photos here

So I see that Sex in the City is releasing a movie today.

1) The show was retarded. Which focused on a Horse which I believe is cousins with Mr. Ed

Mr Ed

She basically goes around and tries to pick up men in the Big apple. A horse trying to pick up men…

Her friends


a) a hottie who is half retarded who has a sex tape but denies it’s her.

b) a cougar, who is the worst of the whores, who just seems like a stuck up bitch

c) Janey McUgly, the UGLY ONE. All girls need a friend who is Ugly but is reasonable

Here, I’ll do everyone a favor and save them money if their wives/girlfriends/fiances want you to go see this pathetic port from Cable to Movie.

Horseface girl works as a writer in New York. Her Friends all tag along and chat about finding men to have sex with. The good looking chick is married, and is having a baby. That guy did good. As for the other two, and horse face, they walk around wanting to bang guys. Only the drunk ones and guys with no intellectual property and thoughts about what they are doing sleep with them. All of this while being written on a computer/blog for the newspaper to exploit her sexual urges. That has already been done before, the show was called Doogie Houser MD, or if you want to go back a little bit further, the Wonder Years.

Random picture



So yeah, that’s the movie. When you get stuck seeing it, you’ll thank me. You’ll be like, damn you were right, this shit was stupid, where is the sex? Well you might get it for seeing it, but you have a better chance if you buy your chick flowers or take her to a expensive dinner.

That’s reality.

Random Picture agian

eat some fishsticks.

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