Glamouratzi: Grieferville pt 3

07.29.08 | Comment?

Hey ladies and gents, sorry I’ve been absent for a little while. I’ve been really busy with things in my life, be it getting my band back on track or dealing with work issues, etc. Anywho, so I haven’t had much time to post but I had some fun in second life again, and have a post for you.

My good buddy Decomposing Monstre from the land of Aussie, big knives, heath ledger, and Kangaroos, being a lover of the Venture Brothers like myself and other bandits (chops), made a Monarch Avatar and the Henchmen.

Be it said, I told him I’d work on one myself. So I made Dr. Girlfriend.

With plans of world domination in mind, we had to assemble an army. So who better to go out and ask guys in Second Life if they would come join the Monarch in our plans to go after Dr. Venture.

The funny thing is, my alt account TV Stand. Everyone thinks TV Stand isΒ  a girl in RL. Which is perfect for this Dr. Girlfriend av because I can talk like a man on the mic. Win Win situation. So I tested to see how many people I could punk out dressed as a chick, and how many would join the Monarchs army. Anywho, So I went on my way to pick up an army.

Jenc Joilat: Hello there beautiful

TV Stand: Hi Johnny McHornHead, Shouldn’t you be eating grass in a field?

Jenc Joilat: What brings you here?

TV Stand: Looking for some good men, who are willing to die for the Monarch.

Jenc Joilat: I’d die for you

TV Stand: I’m not sure what you mean, but we offer 401K and you get a cool outfit to wear

Jenc Joilat: I’d take your outfit off if ya know what I mean

TV Stand: I’m not that kind of person.

Jenc Joilat: I can make you that kind of girl πŸ˜‰

TV Stand: You do know you’re talking to a dude don’t you?

(immediately the dude disappears.)
Guess this does him justice looking at his profile.

Well no fuckin shit.

Oh my, a piano player, I’m sure he could throw a spear or shoot a laser gun.

Jaxx Ninetails: Well, hello.

TV Stand: Hello back to ya Billy Joel

Jaxx Ninetails: are you enjoying my music?

TV Stand: I prefer Norma Jean or Every Time I Die

Jaxx Ninetails: never heard of them, you look very Jackie O

TV Stand: You look very Billy Corgan or Paul Shaffer

Jaxx Ninetails: Anywho, you single?

TV Stand : Actually I’m Married to the Monarch

Jaxx Ninetails: oh, well does he let you fool around?

TV Stand: no, you don’t know the monarch do you?

Jaxx Ninetails: no, and he doesn’t have to know what I’m thinking of doin to ya.

TV Stand: I have a nutsack.

Jaxx Ninetails: huh?

TV Stand: Queer!

(he got off his piano and walked away. I guess I’ll have to fill in for David Letterman)

So far, no luck, but then I see this guy. His shirt says bad boy.

I assume, he might work for Sergeant Hatred.

TV Stand: Hi there, have you ever considered a job in being a minion to a supervillian?

Noel Destiny: No, have you considered having sex with me?

TV Stand: Do you like it in the ass?

Noel Destiny: You some kinky strap on bitch?

TV Stand: No, I’m a man in real life.

(Noel Destiny teleported out)

Caplin Rosseni: Woah nice profile pick TV

TV Stand: Thanks, I try to look hot πŸ˜›

Caplin Rosseni: So is that really you in RL?!!

TV Stand: Yesh

Caplin Rosseni: UR Really CUTE!

TV Stand: Why thank you

Caplin Rosseni: So Where you from?

TV Stand: well we just got finished taking over Phantom Limbs old lair.

Caplin Rosseni: huh?

TV Stand: You know, you’d have to get a haircut to join the Monarchs army

Caplin Rosseni: Does joining this give me a chance to hook up with you?

TV Stand: Possibly

Caplin Rosseni: Sweet where do I sign up?!

TV Stand: well we have to fill out forms and paperwork.

Caplin Rosseni: paperwork?

TV Stand: Yea, I mean you could get broken in half by Brock Sampson or die in an explosion of a failed mission.

Caplin Rosseni: I don’t know if I’m up for this

TV Stand: Sure you are, if not I’ll have the Murderous Moppets pay you a visit?

Caplin Rosseni: Whats a moppet?

TV Stand: a pair of Achondroplastic dwarves who are fierce fighters and lethally capable with knives.

Caplin Rosseni: okay, you’re weird but hot

TV Stand: You look like you have anger issues, prolly don’t eat meat, and have a boyfriend in real life.

Caplin Rosseni: now that’s just rude

TV Stand: Rude would be telling you that you’ve been hitting on a man.

poor poor scene kid, confused with genders.

carlitos1 romano: hola

TV Stand: I don’t speak your dirty language you hippy

carlitos1 romano: como estas usted?

TV Stand: holy shit, you’re hired

carlitos1 romano: jajajaja

I didnt continue to talk to this guy because I was caught staring at this on the back of his jacket.

LMFAO. SWEET FUCKING DIGS Y0!!! A Brazilian sporting Native American culture…. All in another day of the horrible strange world of Second Life.

and now for the Story of Detective Loosejaws.

Never have an open mic poetry reading while we’re online…

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