Healthcare in America my thoughts….

05.23.08 | 2 Comments

I’ll sum this up quick.


I’d make it bigger but right now I’m too fucking pissed off to do so.

So as you all remember my wife was in the hospital for having an infection in her small intestines. It’s not her fault cause people get sick, you cant really avoid that unless you’re eating rat poison or doing something really stupid to cause your illness or injury. My wife does not fall into that category because she does her best to take care of herself.

Well when we got married I could add her to my work insurance policy. So I did this in a timely manner, like as soon as we got back from our honeymoon.

However, down the pipeline someone dropped the ball, and Anthem was like sorry bout your luck, you’re gonna have to wait til June until she can be added again. I got married in October. So the past 7 months I have done whatever I could to make sure my wife didn’t get sick. However you can’t avoid certain things. She’s had a few instances where we had to take her to the hospital. My bills were like 700 bucks just for them to do some x-ray or just let her sit there in the emergency room.

Well you all know she got admitted when she had the infection. I got my bill for $6,000. The hospital said, this was all. So I paid for it (which you all know that I cannot live with and debt on my head). Yesterday I get another bill for $600 from the ER. Today a $400 bill from Radiology. So I’ve paid $7000+ dollars because some fucking moron fucked up in corporate.

Now for them, I’ve expressed my urgency that she be on it this time or I’ll have to leave because I cannot support my wife not on insurance with what I’m making. I drew that line in the sand.


This is what is wrong with our country. Middle classed people get FUCKEd. Our economy from what I understand is fucking retarded and bad enough that if someone is dying, they pretty much make you completely broke.

asshole<—- this guy is a fucking asshole and I hope he gets hit by oncoming traffic. (p.s. GROW SOME FUCKING HAIR you’re a doctor)

Seriously why in the fuck should I pay the hospital $400 dollars for having to type something or look at a picture. This makes no goddamn sense. I can look at a fucking picture for free and say, well this doesn’t look normal, or hey give me this piece of paper and I’ll type it up for no charge.

fuck you too<—this asshole doesn’t give a dick about you and is wearing a fucking stupid tie. JERK.

Then I have to pay $600 in my $6000.00 bill for her to stay in a room, that has the worst bed ever, smells like a dead hooker, and serves worse food than a WW2 prison.

What tips it all off into the hat, is that they still didn’t have an answer of what causes her stomach to hurt or what caused the infection.

House could fix it<–could fix my wife for the cost of some pain killers.

Dr. House could solve my problem in about 20-30minutes of an episode, and would be like, just pay me in pain killers or buy me some beer or flatter me with some sarcastic humor.

From what I hear Canada is like this. They have Dr. Houses all up in that bitch fixing everything for pennies.

So to the “hard” working medical employees here in my residence of Murray.

I say, FUCK YOU. Seriously, you all are fucking crooks. I could probably have had the same shit done in Paducah and wouldn’t have paid HALF as much as what I was charged. You say you’re a caring health care? Then why do you overcharge and dick this community. I researched the facts Jacko. I know what I would have been charged there. You guys should be ashamed.

Sorry, I’m just so fucking pissed off right now. Who wants to move to Canada with me?


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