My Zombies in Games Experiences

05.15.08 | 4 Comments


Gary Glitter 2<—Gary Glitter fishing?

It all started when I was a young lad. I use to love Zombie Movies, well still do love zombie movies. Well, the addiction soon caught my eye on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Most games had zombies as enemies like Castlevania. Then my brother and I would go to Aladins Castle and play Beast Busters 1989.

Beast Busters<—- Zombies with guns?!! Oh MY!

However, This Game Below was on a shelf at a really bad movie place we use to rent Gremlins on a regular basis from.

Zombie Nation<—-Total Bullshit

I was so excited, cause when I look at the cover I see clay zombies walking around with a busted ass TV and a Giant head in the background that looked like a really washed up 80’s Hair Band Bass player. To me I saw a game that was about ZOMBIES attacking, not as sub-characters. However, when the cartridge magically touched my hands and I stuffed it into the system, all I got was a stupid game with a flying head with Gary Glitter makeup shooting fire from his mouth, really bad music, and no zombies that I recall.

I was ruined. I mean Jesus Christ, what kind of fucking false advertising is this. For I had no faith that a gaming system could actually do the job of putting out a game with zombies that were actually scary or badass.

So I continued to play other games until things changed.

Splatter House<—Prolly the best game EVER IMO.

It wasn’t until Turbo Graphics released a game called SPLATTERHOUSE that I got all sorts of elements of Zombies, Monsters, and all sorts of crazy shit that got me back into the saddle again. I would sit up all night on sugar, mountain dew, and a 17 inch screen killing the undead. I felt like a total badass, even though I about died from no sleep.

Then a slew of other zombie games came out like Zombies Ate My Neighbors for SNES

Zombies Ate My Neighbors<—-pretty cool, but pretty gay.

This game was alright, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to childish and kid friendly. The main character was some kid who looked like this asshole from back to the future.

3D<—yea we were all just pissed we didn’t have 3D glasses.

, but nothing was like Splatterhouse. They released a 2nd and 3rd. Both awesome. Then it was some time until we saw zombies come back to the video game world on a main stream basis.

RE Zombie<—-to me back then this was amazing. Now it looks like one of those dead famous painters with his ear back on.


The game was Resident Evil. And Zombies were all over the damn place. It was exactly what I wanted. They walked around all slow ass, you could pick them off with a Desert Eagle, and laugh as they ran into walls. It was sheer High School Musical Gitty Girl awesome. I just know it did it’s toll of scaring me with the surprises around every corner.

Then they released House of the Dead

house of the Dead<—not the arcade

This was a shooter that my brother and I also dumped hundreds of quarters in. But the bad thing about this game, was it got old after a while. We’d memorize where each and every zombie would pop up. Then it was like a math adventure unlike math blaster where we’d just kind of sleep through the game while kicking its ass.

Time then moved on, and I was growing older. I read alot of zombie stuff. But nothing filled the gap or zombie action head on. Nothing. I got really good at Fighting Games, and First Person Shooters.

The Xbox 360 came out and one of their first games put out on the market was a number called Dead Rising!

I’d seen commercials, I about pissed myself. But I was at the point, where I had owned every console, every zombie game, and I was honestly burned out. I was rarely played my ps2 anymore and the rest of the systems were collecting dust. This is where my Bff Bandit buddy Mav came into play. He had moved to Henderson and I had planned to come see him since I am a bad friend who is always on the road on the weekends with Tearing down Vegas.

I literally drove through a Tornado, a Flood, the Second coming of Jesus, to get to Henderson to hang out with Mav.

Dead Rising <—- Wrestling and zombies, TOTAL WIN!

Now those of you bandits who know me, when I see something I want, I don’t ask questions, and I buy it. Nothing more, nothing less. Well Jason and I were trying to think of stuff to do and we played Smackdown vs Raw 2006 for a while and got bored. So on the Tv was another one of these commercials for Dead Rising!

I had no thoughts of buying that xbox 360 from the Henderson Janky Ass run down Wal-Mart until I saw the same spark in my eye as in Mavs. I said, lets go buy it. He questioned, me, like dude, that’s like $400 worth of stuff. Without even a thought to come out of my mouth, he said, lets go do it. And that was that, we played til about 5am and it was like old times when I was a kid. It was every bit amazingly fun, not to mention you could ddt zombies, suplex them, and various other random things.

But I’ve put Dead Rising to rest( I played it so much the game doesn’t work anymore, just like the rest of my zombie video games on cds)

I await for a new thrill however called Left 4 Dead. Which is made by Valve the same people as the Half Life series. We’ll probably lose alot of sleep, and sex for this game guys.

<—bandit adventure, I think so!

But I’ve seen something that kind of gave me a a jumpstart on things. So from what I hear across the Internets is that now, in the Grand Theft Auto 4 Multiplayer, you can become a zombie as your character. Two ways have been described to do this. 1) Reach a Level 10 Rank. Now I figured we could achieve this. However, it would take the 3 of us, Mav, Dilz, and myself to play a Multiplayer Ranked Mode, by ourselves, only revolving in spawning near one another and playing for god how many hours and probably around 1 million kills. – This makes me FROWN.

or 2) Find a Rockstar Employee who is playing, and kill him. Thus unlocking it for us.

Our Mission Xbox Live Bandits: To find a Rockstar Employee. Kill Him, and become Zombies.

GTA 4 Zombie

(notice this game is in another language, *still scratching my head, but that’s a friggin Zombie in a speedo)

So yea,

the point.

We need more zombie games. We need more ass kicking. and we def need to be zombies in Multiplayer because Admit it Mav and Dilz, we’ve been having a blast so far gaming together.



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