THe most Tacky Thing in the World

08.31.08 | 3 Comments


Man you are Gangsta as hell DAWG. Both these guys are dead. Are you tributing them? Because this is a pitiful way to say I love you biggie and pac. Did you know them? Prolly not, you probably just own some of their albums and for some reason still listen to them like they are the greatest thing to walk the earth. But they aren’t walking anymore. So the point is, give it up. You’re wearing two dead rappers on a spray painted shirt. Even better, some white dude is probably wearing this in a trailer driving his camero saying, ” I dont got no rules, I live free” only for him to realize he’s got no money for gas or food, but he’s got this killer shirt.

this horse is actually running away from you heather…FAIL! I’m still trying to figure out where this horse is running to? Possibly a field, more white, off a cliff? I have a feeling Heather is a 5 year old kid or a 34 year old lady who plays W.O.W. and has her whole house decorated in horses. The shirt is just the icing on the cake to make this airbrush shirt super tacktastical.

this one I might wear, because its random, but still airbrushed which is totally gay. I’m sure Sanford didnt pimp. I’m actually positive he was like some junk yard guy. This doesnt make it cool to wear this shirt. I’d probably hi-5 the guy who sports this shirt, for the sheer fact that it’s random as hell, but I’d still make fun of him under my breath for wearing this airbrushed monstrosity.

I honestly have no FUCKING clue what is going on in this picture. Is that a baby in diapers and lugs throwing dice? The postal service should be pissed off royally that this kid is defacing their public mail box with his art that is bleeding from him. The only thing this kid is rollin is pure stupid and the person who made this should be hit in the head with a can of biscuits, like the good cressent rolls kind.

Tacky Guy: Hey honey, lets get air brushed shirts with our names on them.

Tacky Girl: You get no sex for 4 months.


Tacky Girl: Hey baby doll, I want this shirt with a bear and our names on it.

Tacky Guy: I’m leaving you.

Either way, its self explainitory.

And here’s me being a jackass:

Girl on yahoo answers:

Ok so i want one of those airbrush-white-TShirts. I am in Forida on Spring Break(about an hour north of Orlando) and I dont know where i would get one. if u know a place where yyou can get those done or if u have gotten one don in Florida b4..please help me. i have 3 1/2 days until i leave

Best Answer – Chosen by Furious2031

Hey, let me be honest with you, 1) if you cant find a airbrushed shirt in florida you’re a fucking moron 2)if I ever saw you, and you were wearing said airbrushed shirt, I would punch you in the nose for being a tacky cunt. Thanks for the good laugh…I hope you weren’t serious though, cause like, I really would punch you in the overies or maybe in the back of the head and run off like a gitty school girl, and shout, YOU KNOW! YOU KNOW WHY!!!!

Google search airbrush: Here are similar results.

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I think daddy yankee is one of those candles at wallmart, graffiti is cool…on walls and bridges, hip hop…, mac dre must be Dr. Dre’s laptop probably full of hip hop, and tony montana come on people he’s OURS, he’s white, and he has other good movies Scent of a Woman…BOOYA.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH. What would be better is if this chick actually wore a shirt with her shitty picture on it. Like would she look like this in real life? LIKE THE AIRBRUSHED PICTURE, LITERALLY!!! wow. Otherwise this artists needs to stop spray painting people like they are plastic, this is the worst action figure picture ever. But this is probably one of the This person Died in some sort of gang related violence or overdose situation shirts. I see alot of these. I wonder to myself, if I ever died in some sort of crazy thing like a train fell on me or a unicorn impaled me, please PLEASE someone get an airbrushed shirt of me Getting Impaled by the Unicorn and say like Danger 20??. That would be the greatest gift ever.



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