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05.21.08 | 3 Comments

So Neal Bradley came up to me this morning, telling me that we have a new show that is gonna air sunday morning on Premiere Radio Network. My first thought was, damnit, I don’t have anymore Din’s(places on a punch block for engineers to hook up wires or relays) open to do this. Then my second thought, who in the hell on Premiere is gonna do a Sunday morning show.

Thats when Neal said, “I don’t know what to tell the guy”

He unfolds the top of the Clock (sheet of paper that tells us what goes on during the show: when commercials air etc)

JEbus Christ show?

HOLY SHIT! You’re telling me that he has come back to earth to do a radio show??!

From the site: “What would Jesus say?


What if today, you could talk to Him, laugh with Him, cry with Him? Not only through prayer, but…

Neal then assured me we’re not carrying this program, even after a debate that there could be a possibility that he might show up and wreck the place like he did when those people were casting lots and stuff in the temple.


“Jesus is my Ratings savior” and “Descending June 1st”…..I best mark my calendar.

So what do I do, tell him, no? I mean shit, he could walk into this radio station and create punch blocks and a receiver for his show. I’m sure the churchy mcchurchersons wouldn’t mind bumping their programming for JC. This is the same guy who rode dinosaurs. (truly a LOLASAURUS!)

After listening about a minute of it we realized, this was not jesus, just a man in a jesus suit, with a beard, and holes…er….yeah.

Why would Jesus use Premiere anyways? There are plenty of other networks out there. He’d probably be better on Fox News.

Sadly enough, I think that Christianity has come to a point of over exposure of the name Jesus Christ, where it’s become some sort of sick fad. I’m Catholic, I have my beliefs, I have my disbeliefs, I have my concepts of right and wrong, and what’s fun and what’s not. I never say, well I’m right and you’re wrong, because in a sense I am extremely agnostic. I have my fundamentals that I’ve liked from Catholicism, but I have taken things from other religions as well, not the whole poligamy thing or being amish. But I almost find if offensive when people are wearing all these tacky “jesus did this and that and you should too” shirts. I got enough of it when I was going through college and every Wednesday the campus churchites would give us pieces of paper saying come to this thing. I understand totally that people have their ways of expressing their feelings toward the Lord. The problem is, people over do it. It’s kind of like last week, Bill Clinton came to Murray to speak to get votes for Hillary. In the crowd was a bunch of Hippies with signs. The best part was, the main hippy guy, lives with his parents who are LOADED with cash, and sources confirm that he didn’t even buy his protest sign with his own money, but his parents. The dude isn’t even a hippy, he’s just a guy who is trying to follow a trend and make a statement. In the end it just makes them look stupid and annoying to the rest of society. It’s the same thing with this fad. Most of these people are just doing it because they believe that by wearing a shirt, by listening to a radio show, by telling off everyone who isn’t the correct religion, that it will get them a ticket into whatever Heaven they believe in.

who knows

I was going to put pictures of how the media has destroyed the image of the “all holy one”, but instead I got sidetracked and didn’t really feel like taking the time to put a million pictures of shirts and bumper stickers.

But what if, they were all wrong. What if through the power of Evolution and Scientology and other means of false idolism that the things written were all just some sort of publicity stunt. Honestly I guess no one knows until they die.

raptor Jesus


I guess the moral of this is, 98% of the people you deal with on a daily basis already think they’re going to hell, so don’t give them more shit about it, they have enough problems in their lives than to worry about that yet.

Don Cherry says “Don’t do drugs”


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