Coulda Been A Bandit!

04.30.08 | 3 Comments

This is the start of a regularly updated category called…

“COULDA BEEN A BANDIT!” <insert cheesy game show music>

Coulda Been A Bandit is pictures of complete strangers doing things that if we actually knew them would make them immediate Bandits. You’ve all seen this picture…

These are Bandits doing Bandit Things… and below, are a few people in similar circumstances. And I salute you complete strangers… for if I knew you, I would crown you with a Sweatband of Gold this very second.


Okay, this guy’s idea of a proper bath could only be explained by his hidden trait of “Inner Banditness”. What makes a good Banditbath? Coffee grinds, trash, and your swim trunks.

Wait now, before you chastise me for saying a homeless guy “haz wut it takez to bee a Bandit” let me defend myself. It’s not the gentleman in the forefront that “haz wut it takez”, but the fella in the backround. Oh yeah, that guy has the Balls of a Bandit. Instead of giving this homeless guy some money to buy food, or a house, he has instead given him a beer. Because what this homeless guy really needed, was to forget about how crappy his life is. (By the way, someone remind me to Trademark “Balls of a Bandit”. That’s good stuff.)

Yes, Bandits are not afraid of being naked and drunk together. Not to mention the fact that during said drunken-nakedness Bandits are not afraid of being photographed. A tip of my hat to you two gents, enjoy your beer, and waking up together in the same sleeping bag in the morning.


That’s all for this edition of: “COULDA BEEN A BANDIT!” <insert cheesy game show music>

Until next time, I leave you with this…



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