Bands that I listen to, that no one knows of

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So as a musician I listen to alot of different music. However, I’m very strict with what I listen to. I only will listen to a band that has 4 factors. 1) Harmonies: This is a huge factor that you have good harmonies, and lots of them,  otherwise the song is stale. 2) Very good […]


10 things I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do while on vacation

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So the wife and I are departing for trip to the big easy this weekend.  New Orleans…beware of pick pockets and loose women… Sorry New Orleans, I plan on rewriting that statement to BEWARE OF A BANDIT AND HIS HOT WIFE.  Heads are going to roll. here are 10 things that will make my short […]


An “A to Z” List Of Bizarre But Real Phobias

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Being fearful of things is a part of human nature. That’s why we watch Horror Movies, go to Haunted Houses, and tell Ghost Stories in the dark around a camp fire. It’s one thing to close your eyes when the killer is about to stab the star of the movie, but it’s a completely different […]


Ooooooooohhh yeeaaaa…..noooooooo

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So Disney has a new movie called Bolt. In it, one of our childhood heroes The Macho Man Randy Savage lends his voice to a character. However, when I think of the MACHO KING I think of oldschool high flying elbow dropping MEGA POWER. Until I saw this picture from the premiere. I could have […]



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First let me start off by saying today is the day for Zombie Apocalypse and I am more excited than ever for Left 4 Dead. Screaming like a little school girl and all. But lets get on to the post. So since this summer all I have heard about from my wife is TWILIGHT, I […]


Little People, Big World

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If they can have a tv show and make it successful… Surely he can to…

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